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What's for Supper?

Couple Supper - Meal plans - What's for supper?

One Low Price,
Two Great Menus!

Get out of that dinner rut with TWO unique & specially crafted menus including traditional and vegetarian recipes.

  • With 2 unique menus to choose from, there's always something both of you can enjoy
  • Reclaim couple time! Reconnect in the kitchen and at the dinner table
  • Minimize wasted food and leftovers
  • Whittle your waistline by preparing proper portions
  • Discover (or rediscover!) your love of cooking
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How it Works

Couple Supper - Meal plans - How it works

A Couple’s Approach to Supper.

If you and your spouse dread meal planning, but crave delicious meals, then you’ve found the perfect place. It’s pretty simple actually!


Sign up for only $2.50/week and kiss "What's for dinner?" goodbye!


Download and print your grocery list and menu of recipes.


Get in the kitchen together and prepare your delicious dinners then sit down and enjoy!


Stop Worrying About What's For Dinner!

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Familiar Favorites
With a Twist!

Cook yourselves out of that rut starting tonight!

We guarantee you'll love our recipes. Try the plan out for only $10 and get both menus every month. That's only $2.50/week for over 10+ different, delicious recipes!

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